Printable Exercises

Leisure Education Exercises:

Personal Time Diary: Assess how you are spending your free time with a personal time diary. In particular, focus on your leisure time. Assessing time use is a first step to improved time management and accessing more time for your leisure pursuits. Reading the September 2, 2013 post will help provide a context for this exercise.

Leisure Needs Exercise: This exercise helps you to identify the needs that you satisfying through leisure engagement or needs you have that are not being met that COULD BE met through leisure engagement. Read the September 9, 2013 post to understand the role of this exercise.

Leisure Constraints Exercise: This exercise will encourage you to reflect on your leisure priorities and preferences and consider what is getting in the way of your participation. Read the October 14, 2013 post for more information on constraints to leisure.

Find Someone Who…: This exercise encourages individuals in a group to get to know each other. More importantly, however, it offers a chance for individuals to get to know what type of leisure skills and experiences others in a the group have. This exercise was developed as an activity for Homeschooling Support Networks (see August 25, 2014 post), but can be modified for any group.




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