Why Blog about Leisure?


For some time now, I’ve been drawn to blogs. It’s a medium of information sharing that interests me on many levels. First, I great enjoy reading the thoughts, ideas, and experiences of people that, in some cases, are similar to me and, in other cases, are very different. Mothers blogging about their experiences with raising children offering tips and support to other women. I’ve noticed and read blogs related to organizing, balancing work and family life, leadership development, working with youth, happiness, and spirituality. Blogs about the concept of minimalism, living a life with less, and “slowing” your home.

As someone who studies and teaches about “leisure,” I am can’t help but pay attention to concepts of leisure that are inevitably woven throughout many of these blogs. Rarely is the focus on “leisure” or on illuminating concepts or research related to our free time or developing a deeper awareness or understanding of the concept of “leisure.”

At the same time I was noticing these themes, I also was developing a desire to disseminate information about leisure beyond my colleagues who may read my research publications and my students who take my courses. Hence… the blog.

For me personally, I’m better at preaching about leisure than I am at practicing. I am like many others who battle for work/life balance…despite my knowledge of the numerous positive outcomes of “taking time” (e.g., health benefits). I enjoy reading for pleasure. I love music. Yoga. Board games. A nice meal out with my favorite people. Playing with my nieces. Shopping with my sister. Going to a movie with my husband. I learned that I prefer leisure experiences that engage multiple senses – there is nothing better for me than the feel of the sand under my feet as I walk along the beach… watching and listening to the waves and taking in the awesome smell of salt water and seaweed. Add a Coca Cola in a glass bottle and it is perfection (don’t worry… I won’t litter on the beach). Do I do these things enough? No. Are they a high enough priority? Sometimes they are; other times they are not. It’s a work in progress.

Stay tuned for discussion on topics related to our leisure lives – personal leisure, family leisure, children’s leisure, and societal trends that affect our leisure.


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